The Dork Flow

Hey Guys! 

I wanted to provide you guys with a detailed ebook with all the poses that are included in The Dork Flow. 

The Dork Flow poses are geared to help you get to poses like handstands, splits, and king pigeon pose. Enjoy the flow and practice consistently. 

Below is a video of the flow. If you post the flow on your social media, use hashtag #TheDorkFlow. Have fun! 

Course Curriculum

What's included?

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Sanaa Jaman, PhD
Sanaa Jaman, PhD
Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur

About the instructor

Sanaa Jaman has launched a global revolution inside the yoga world. Yogis around the world tune in to learn from Sanaa's fresh and passionately positive style of yoga instruction. A PhD holder and the creative founder of the LadyDork brand shares her expertise in branding and the online business of yoga. 

Strong in the art of yoga, Sanaa found a way to turn her passion into profitable business. She spent years of research, teaching and networking to find ways to generate revenue from the things that she loves like yoga and traveling. She wants to share her expertise in hopes to help yoga teachers and small brands turn their passion into profit.

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